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Who is stronger ichigo or naruto?

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I think Naruto in Sage Mode is stronger.

I think Ichigo. His power draws from his determination

Ichigo. Cause Naruto cannnot see ichigo in spirit form. Thus, ichigo can easily defeat him

Naruto vs Ichigo (sealed)

Naruto Sage mode vs Ichigo Shikai

Naruto Four tails vs Ichigo Bankai

Naruto Six tails vs Ichigo Bankai + Hollow mask

Naruto Nine Tails vs Ichigo Full Hollow form

Naruto vs Ichigo 2nd Hollow form

Ichigo, hands down

People should start to notice that Wikianswers is not a forum but a place to seek for canon-based answers. This question cannot be answered with factual information because this is a fight that cannot happen. The question can only lead to opinion-based answers. Although, it seems to me that they are very similar; in fact, based on their hair color, some people might even think one was based off the other.

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