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Suki features in Bleach: Fight of the Blade Demon. She is a loving, humorous and down to earth person but serious when needed. Byakuya Kuchiki and Suki grew up together but were departed when she left to join the Royal Guards. (40 years before the original Bleach storyline.) He invited her to stay in the Kuchiki Manor and she accepted. Even though Byakuya acts the same towards her as he acts toward every one else, they have had deep and touching conversations. He acts indifferent toward Chokichi (a close friend of Suki from the real world) for unknown reasons. Suki was reunited with her younger sister Choyo Kobayashi after having to leave her to join the Zero Division. Suki sometimes refers to Ichigo as ‘smart ass’ because he is quick to anger and hotheaded, but also complimented him on his willingness to fight for those he loves. Suki treats Rukia the way she thinks Byakuya is supposed to and Rukia has even referred to Suki as her sister when Renji Abarai commented on Suki’s good looks, kicking him in face and telling him not to talk about her in such manner.

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