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Rukia’s sister, Kuchiki Hisana. Hisana look a lot like her little sister except her face has a softer and calmer look then Rukia's face. Kuchiki Byakuya, Hisana`s husband and Rukia's big brother, says that he lies that Hisana was not related to her. It seems that Hisana abandoned Rukia when Rukia was a little baby in Rukongai. Sometime later, Hisana married Byakuya. Yet every day, without fail, she search Rukongai for her darling sister, not caring about her illness and her health which is worsening every day. About 500 years after she married Byakuya, Hisana was about to die. She lay in bed with Byakuya holding her hand. As the first cherry blossom (Sakura) bloomed, Hisana`s life faded away. It may because of this that Byakuya has such a personality. Though in funny comics on YouTube, it is because he looked like a girl and everyone wanna dress him up.

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