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Who has the biggest boobs in Bleach?

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It's hard to tell between Matsumoto Rangiku and Orihime Inoue... They both have pretty large breast... Though personally I think Matsumoto does... >.>

Probably Matsumoto, although Orihime, Nel, Harribel, Yoruichi and Nemu also have very large breasts (Yoruichi not so much).

This is sssssoooooooo unapropriete.(I'm a girl)

Yall are forgetting some massive boobs here. Shiba Kuukaku. She might have all of them.

1 rangiku 2 kuukaku 3 nell,harribel 4 orihime 5 nemu 6 yoruichi

This is disgusting.(same person as two up).

I always thought of it more as: 1.Rangiku Matsumoto 2.Kūkaku Shiba 3.Tia Harribel 4.Orihime Inoue 5.Isane Kotetsu 6.Yoruichi Shihōin 7.Retsu Unohana

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