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Nine different places:

  1. Zoro landed on Kuraigana Island, the same island as Perona of the mystery four from thriller bark. She saves him and puts bandages on him (in a very ridiculous way).
  2. Brooke wound up in some satanist worshipping ground on Namakura Island and asked to see some girls panties and they thought he was god so she let him.
  3. Usopp landed on one of the islands in the Boin Archipelago called Greenstone, the forest of thieves. Before being attacked by an oversized stag beetle, he was saved by a local named Heracles. After a quick introduction, he's saved again by Heracles from a man-eating plant.
  4. Sanji ended up on Kamabakka Kingdom, a drag queen paradise and it was basically his 'hell', since he loves women but on a recent chapter he could've been transformed into one.
  5. Franky landed Karakuri Island, a winter island where he got several islanders to do his franky dance.
  6. Nami flew up to the sky island Weatheria where inventors of the sky islands are.
  7. Chopper landed in the South Blue, on the on Torino Kingdom, the island of treasure, where the natives want to cook him.
  8. Robin landed on Tequila Wolf and was turned into a slave, as she was chained up suddenly and is working a bridge leading to an unknown territory, however she recently used her ability to free herself and run away with the rebels.
  9. Luffy landed on Amazon lily, an island inhabited only by females who all posses the ability haki. After a lot of mess after being saved by some villagers from a mushroom that grows on you if you eat it and the women finding out Luffy is a guy take his clothes away put him in a cage make him fight two snake girls and finally talks to the shichibukai Boa Hancock about her slavery and she develops a crush on him.

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