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It is not mentioned as far as now. I suppose there is a breath dial, a heat dial, a cool dial and an electric dial. But it is only a personal opinion...

We don't know what's in The clima-tact. Usopp did mention whats in his Kabuto in his fight with Perona = Breath is the main one he uses, but he also says "flame, flash, and I change between these dials, I can achieve even greater distances." With Impact, I would assume it would also affect the speed of the projectile, since it uses kinetic force. However, look at that picture where he's saying that, there are four effects to see, flash and flame are easy to identify on the right, but the other two, bottom one is likely breath. the last one looks like its electrical.

I totally disagree with that. The dials you mention are for Usopp's weapon, not for Nami's. The clima tact is the weapon which Nami uses. Check it here if you want: You will also see a sentence saying: On each piece, there is now a ball containing what can be assumed to be a Dial, due to Usopp's speech about using his collection of Dials to make better weapons near the end of the Skypiea events. That means that it is not mentioned until yet, or else the one piece wiki would have it as well as it haves Usopp's weapon's dials...

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