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Is sabo trafalgar law?

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Sabo is from East Blue. Law is a native of North Blue. It is a highly unlikely event that Sabo turns out to be Law. Besides if Law was Sabo he would rush to help his dear friend Ace who had been captured by marines. Sabo cares more for Ace then he cares for Luffy.
—Preceding unsigned comment added by Rohdes (talkcontribs)

However, Law has the word DEATH on his fingers... with the A out... I thought it make sense that the A is for Ace. Throughout the serires, the A was added... which could meant Ace is Dead.... Law and Sabo have the same style outfit. and Law couldn't help Ace because he couldn't reach there in time, so saving Luffy was the only thing he can do...
—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Here's my theory, I believe that Law might be Sabo because...

1) When Law first appear, he shows a lot of interest in Luffy and shows more respect and kindness to him than Kid and the other pirates.

2) Its true that Sabo had blond hair and Law has black hair, eye brows and go-t (or however you spell it) but come on, this is anime, and anythings possible, So he probably dyed all his hair.

3) people mentioned that Sabo had a chipped tooth and Law didn't, well ask yourself this, the teeth you had as a kid, do you still have them now? NO! As you age, you're teeth fall out and new ones replace the old.

4) Why would Law go so far out of his way to save Luffy in the middle of the battle and not have some kind of connection to him. Its possible that he had no idea about Ace's death sentence until the broadcast and was trying to reach them to help but showed up to late and so he ended up just saving Luffy.

5) After he'd brought Luffy to Maiden Island, as he was leaving, he mentioned Dragon's name. (HE must have some kind of connection to Dragon.

6) He decided to wait to enter the New World until Luffy recovered. (Why would he do that, unless he cared for Luffy)

7) I forgot to mention this earlier, but some are saying, he cant be Sabo because Sabo wanted to be a navigator, not a doctor, well, what if his close to death experience made him want to become a doctor to protect, help and save his comrades and friends.

8) Sabo, Luffy and Ace all wanted to become top pirates and they all wanted to be captains, Law is one of the super nova captain pirates like luffy.
—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

You need to see the episodes again. Half of your proposed theories are your brains vivid imagination. If you want Law's reason to save Luffy it is in Ep 487 & Ch 578. Rohdes 02:22, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

I would think it's possible, pretty much anything is in One Piece, but I doubt it myself. Araigen (talk) 03:07, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

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