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Is orochimaru stronger than jiraiya?

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i think orochimaru is stronger than jiraiya because he is a master of forbidden jutsus, can summon the dead to fight and has the white snake mode. if he and all the dead people he summoned fought with jiraiya, who do you think will win?

Algazar:In my opinion Jiraiya is stronger than orochimaru, especially in shippuuden series, since we never saw orochimaru using impure world resurrection. And if in any case he would manage to summon few/several people, Jiraiya can counter it win Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind, and trap their arms and legs immediately, completely sealing of their attacks/moves(unless there is doujutsu user), and so he can leave enemies in toad stomach as long as he wants. And i wonder what actually would have happen to summoned people if he would leave them there so their bodies would be completely digested. Not to mention that he would be probably be able to use sage chakra and turn at least few(maybe 1) of them into stone/stones.

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