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How to beat lightsworn?

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the best way to beat a lightsworn deck, is either use a glad deck cause they have a lot faster of a pace in getting the moves needed to win, or go with a macro/dim fissure deck (remove from play deck) cause it will stop lumina effect kill wolf and prevent judgment from coming out, to boot it will also stop necro gaurdna but honest effect can still work, a deck relying on turning your opponent cards to def, can help with honest, making a removed version of that deck will pretty much guarantee you a VICTORY.

Spiders (its a new insect deck type) have the best effect for a defense deck, but some of them require insect in the grave for effect, keeping those out for better cards will give you a chance to make it a remove insect deck. if you need a deck list check out yugiohdeckmaster41 on youtube i got 1 i can give you.

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