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Not really. We don't know if Harribel disintegrated since she just fell to the ground after she died and her body was not seen afterwards. Nnoitra just collapsed and stayed there, he was never depicted disintegrating, neither were Szayel or Aaroniero. The only Espada that were visibly seen disintegrating completely were Ulquiorra, Zommari and Baraggan. Starrk's body was in the process of disintegrating when he was last shown, but we never saw if he fully disintegrated or not. Wonderweiss' body was shattered by Yamamoto's attack, but his body's pieces stayed intact until the explosion.

As for Fracciones, Avirama Redder was decapitated, his body was not pictured after he died, we don't really know if he disintegrated. We know that Ggio Vega's body disappeared as an effect of Soifon's Nigeki Kessatsu. Harribel's fraccion didn't disintegrate either, they were seen lying in the ground, charred. Few of their bodies have been shown after they died.