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Can you special summon synchro monsters from the graveyard?

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You can. As long as you did synchro summon it. Don't get what I mean? okay... Let's say the synchro monster was sent to the grave cos you brought it out and they opponent used a Torrential Tribute on it destroying it and sending it to the grave. Then you trigger Call of the Haunted. The Synchro monster can be special summoned in this case. But if it went to the grave from another way(eg Success Probability 0% or its summon was negated say with Solemn Judgment or black horn) then you cannot do so. Same goes for Fusions and Rituals. Also, keep in mind that if a "Stardust Dragon" is destroyed with the effect of "Arcanite Magician," the "Stardust Dragon" will be returned to the main deck. Whenever the "Stardust Dragon" is drawn from the main deck during either player's Draw Phase, it may be special summoned to the field with 8000 ATK.

The bold is not true.

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