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All of Hado kido spells in Bleach?

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Here's the list of them on Bleach Wiki (this is not a complete kido list)

All the hado/kidou spells havent been stated yet. Some of them are hardly seen some more than ten times.

1.Sho (push the target away from caster)

4.Byakurai (fires a white concentrated lightnight from the finger.

11.Tsuzuri Raiden (electric current flows through any object the user touchesand is able to lead electricity damaging any object the current touches.

31Shakkaho (The most seen hado spell, fires a ball of fire red energy)

32.Okasen (fires yellow reiatsu at a wide arc area)

33.Sokatsui (fires a white blast of energy similar to 31 but more superior.)

54.Haien (fires a blast of purple energy that will incinerate the target completely when hit.)

58.Tenran (A wide tornado fired at a target)

63.Raikoho (Fires a big wave of lightning at target.)

65.Soren Sokatsui (Labeled 73 in the anime, it is a doubled version of hado 33.)

88.Hiryu gekizoku shinten raiho( fire a bast of spiritual energy making a very big area of damage)

90.Kurohitsugi (form a box of black energy around the target then pierces with a thousand spears.)

91.Senju Koten Taiho (Summons several spears of light that are all fired towards the same focal point where the intended target resides, culminating in an explosion)

96.Itto Kaso (A forbidden spell that allows a wall of fire to erupt from the ground as a blade`s tip. It is a technique that can be used using the user`s body as the catalyst. Aizen call it the spell of sacrifice.)

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